LED Injection Blow Molding Machine

LED Lights Housing Production Solutions

With the increasing demand for led lights, do you need more advanced machines to produce led light housings?

Baiya's led light enclosure injection blow molding machine can help with your project. Our machines are fast, have high molding precision, and can be automated, making them ideal for producing LED lighting enclosures.

Choose the type of injection blow molding machine you need

Many standard features are built into our injection blow molding systems, along with a variety of options available, enabling you to mold complex shapes and meet high production demands!

Reasons to buy our injection blow molding machine

  1. Complete the entire production process from embryo injection to blow molding at one time on one machine, without secondary heating, saving energy;
  2. The product is formed at one time, without the surface damage caused by the storage and transportation of the tube embryo, so as to meet the higher requirements of the surface quality of the product;
  3. There is no need for storage costs caused by the storage of tube embryos, saving site investment costs;
  4. One-time injection molding of plastic products fully guarantees high dimensional accuracy, smoothness and smoothness;
  5. The production process is fully automatic computer control, reducing the unstable factors caused by human beings, reducing human resources and improving product quality;
  6. With the manipulator device, it can be directly connected with the automatic detection and packaging line at the back end to realize the automatic and unmanned operation of the whole process;


Injection Blow Molding Machines: The Complete Guide

Do you need a new plastic molding machine to help you increase productivity? What is your experience in this field? Today I want to show you how to successfully buy a practical injection blow molding machine.

I know, this seems like a complicated industrial process - but, I'll simplify everything for you.


What is an Injection Blow Molding Machine?

The injection blowing machine is a device that uses the injection blow molding process to form hollow containers at one time. It can produce high-grade containers with high precision according to the needs of customers. It can be seen in many industries such as medicine, food, and chemical industries. It is suitable for processing thermoplastics such as PE, PP, and PS.


What Materials Can Be Used?

The thermoplastic raw materials that are utilized within the blow molding process come in the form of small pellets or granules, which are first melted and formed into a hollow tube, called the parison. Blow molded parts can be formed from a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including:

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


The Main Application of Injection Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machines can manufacture many types of hollow containers. These types of plastic products are used frequently and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then the main applications of injection blow molding machines are as follows:

  • Medical Packaging Containers
  • Cosmetic packaging container
  • Sports Cups & Bottles
  • LED lighting


Factors Affecting the Cost of Injection Blow Molding Machines

Injection blow molding machines cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $300,000. IBM's costs vary widely depending on the size of the machine required and the specific application considered.

Clamping Tonnage

this is the reference to the size of the machine indicated by how many tonnes of force is applied to clamp the moulds together during production. It could start from 10T (or even smaller) up to 2500-3000T

Motor & Drive

starting from a purely hydraulic system, to Variable Displacement Pumps, to Servo Motors and to Fully Electric Machines, there are many options to choose from. Its usually governed by the end use. For instance a low capex investment for commercial household goods like buckets and mugs would go for the cheapest hydraulic machines. A better brand with a deeper pocket would look at VDP or Servo based machines to get cost savings in electricity consumption over a large production volume. Medical companies that need clean room processes require fully electric setups.

Technology & Brand

most of the R&D happens outside of China and brands like Arburg, Engel, Nissei, Husky etc. introduce new features like better clamping systems, platen designs, barrel screws and injection systems with high end motors and drives that give repeatability up to 0.001g which is not possible in regular commercial grade machines. The cost attached to these though are also fairly large. Similarly if you go for Chinese brands, they mass produce them with fair enough quality for typical non-critical general applications for market use which are extremely cost effective.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Injection Blow Molding Machines

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are a factory for plastic machines. Over 20 Years Experience In Manufacturing Injection Molding Machine And Blow Molding Machine.


Q3: If we buy your machines, is there any warranty?

A3: Yes, definitely. 12-month warranty after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, and electric components (The screw just has 6 months). We are responsible for broken parts within 12 months. We will supply those parts for free but the possible transportation cost should be paid by the clients.


Q: How can we get the exact price of the injection molding machine?

A: Contact us to provide product weight, drawings, annual quantity. We can recommend our machine model by quotation.


Q: How is your after-sales service?

A: We provide manual instruction and engineer training before loading, after shipment We provide 24 hours online support, video technical support or on-site installation assistance.


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: For customized machines, it will take about 25-50 days after deposit. For stock machines, fast shipping.


Q: Do you provide custom machines?

A: Most of our machines are customized. We can design machines according to customers' products.


If you are looking for a blow molding machine to produce small bottles from 3ml to 1000ml, The injection blow molding machine is your best option.

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